• Amy Fairbrother

Conscious Birthing Doula Training

This week I went to my first Doula Training Course - it was AMAZING!

I went in on Monday a little bit anxious about what I could bring to the vocation, not having had children myself - I left on Friday feeling empowered and full of confidence! The five other women who were attending the course quickly became friends and we felt so very comfortable with each other. We shared our own experiences, some of which were incredibly personal.

We laughed, we cried, we shared, we healed.

It was like an emotional retreat - I felt like a whole new person when I left that building on Friday! Every evening, on the walk back to my hotel I rang one of my many siblings to have a daily catch up, and each person I spoke to said that they could practically feel my passion and excitement through the phone!

Kate Woods, the fabulous woman who runs the training sessions, is an absolute inspiration.I no longer worry about the fact that I haven't personally experienced birth, because I now see how much I have to offer by being a blank canvas. I don't have any past experiences that might influence my views on pregnancy and birth. I can be completely open-minded to the way each individual might choose to birth!

Now I can't wait to get started!

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